For foreign companies

For foreign companies planning to set up business in Kanagawa Prefecture and foreign companies already operating in Japan

The Kanagawa Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultants Association is the largest consulting group in the prefecture with 200 Certified Management Consultants (SMEC*), and its members specialize in various fields such as business diagnosis, sales increase, customer development, IT utilization, human resource development, and financing. We provide a variety of services to solve the management issues of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in a one-stop service by assigning the most suitable members in cooperation with local financial institutions and other support organizations.

We are pleased to announce that we have launched a new Overseas Business Project (here after KBP: Kaigai Business Project) in the Kanagawa Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultants Association to provide support services to foreign companies for their business development in Kanagawa Prefecture.

In KBP, we conduct;

  • Market, competitive, tax, and regulatory research for the target product in Japan
  • Domestic sales promotion of the target product
  • Advice on the establishment of business offices and corporations in Japan
  • Support for existing and newly established foreign companies to utilize public support systems
  • Productivity improvement, management improvement and sales expansion of domestic production and service bases

If you are considering expanding your business to Japan, you may be facing a variety of challenges.

“I want to sell my products in Japan, but how big is the market?”

“I would like to expand my business in Japan, but what is the best way to do it?”

“What problems can I expect if I expand my business in Japan?”

“What kind of public support systems are available for business expansion in Japan?”

“What are the legal systems and business practices in Japan that we should be aware of?”

From proposal to implementation and post-deployment support

In KBP, we provide a one-of-a-kind consulting service for each company that addresses the issues involved in entering the Japanese market, from proposal to implementation and post-deployment support.

We also provide support for companies that have already made inroads into the Japanese market, but have not been able to grow their business as expected. Before you make up your mind that the Japanese market is difficult or that you have failed to enter the Japanese market, please consult with us about your overseas business project.

Kanagawa Prefecture is the second largest prefecture in Japan with the number of overseas companies, following Tokyo. It is also a prefecture where various Japanese commercial products are concentrated and full of business opportunities.

KBP provides support for foreign companies to develop highly effective businesses in Japan, starting from Kanagawa Prefecture.

Individual support will be provided on a fee basis and will be quoted on a case-by-case basis. The seminar and initial individual consultation are free of charge. (ZOOM support is also available.)

Please feel free to contact us with the following information if you have any questions about KBP.

(English and Japanese are acceptable.)

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